M. Black weaves stories that focus on robots, simulations, consciousness, nature, wildlife, grafting, cloning, time travel, illusions, and other future technology.
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Order Autographed Prints

To receive your autographed print of any books, please eMail me directly and I will personally mail the book to you. Subject: Autographed Book Request

Books cost $10 each and shipping is not included.

If you are a bookstore/bookclub/library or an individual wanting to order 5 plus paperbacks from me, then I do a bulk rate at $7.50 per book, plus shipping.

I am also open to bookstores doing an Order-on-Deman service where customers can order my books through your bookstore and pay for shipping. The book is mailed directly to the customer, but the profits are split 50/50 between the bookstore and the author (me).

For any of the services above, please eMail the above address and put in Subject: Book Order Service

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