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I regularly speak at libraries and schools (usually middle/high school) about reading, writing, and my books. These sessions can be conducted in person or via Skype, depending on your needs. Please send me an e-mail at to make arrangements. 

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About M.Black is Ami Blackwelder and writes for the brand ENTER TOMORROW. Her books are often breaking the top 100 in Amazon categories, have numerous reviews which average to  stars, and she receives plenty of fan mail about how the reader loved her story! Having been published by Central Avenue and Whiskey Press in the past, she is now published with Creativia.  

She is a Montessori teacher, helps the deaf and hard of hearing, is an avid Pescetarian, believer in animal rights and wildlife conservation, and a lover of books. She is the author of the never-before-seen-concept Animal Graph, and dubs herself the 'Robot Girl' since many of her stories revolve around robots and A.I. 

She has a Siamese cat names LOTUS from Thailand when she was an educator there and he shows up in all her robot books. She adopted a cat named Ash in the states who also shows up in her robot books. She loves reading on Kindle Unlimited and only buys paperback. She enjoys many vegetarian dishes like veggie lasagna and four bean chili. She also likes watching movies, gardening, the beach, and hanging out with friends. Of course most of the time you will find her at home, pounding away at her computer. 

Dystopia, Apocalyptic, Post-Apocalyptic genres with a healthy side of SyFy. Every other story focuses on different aspects of robots and the roles they will play in our future, and every story explores important social, psychological and economical issues. Socially relevant,and philosophically poignant. 

Subject Matter: Robots, AI, sims, neural laces, climate, environment, wildlife, grafting, genetic enhancements, social divisions, future tech. 

HER Robot COLLECTION IS COMPRISED OF: Exotiqa World, Quantum State, Electric World, Knuckles of Rust and Steel. 

HER Future Tech COLLECTION is COMPRISED OF: Simulation World, Drone Wars, The Instrument. 

HER Genetics COLLECTION is COMPRISED OF: Graph World, Invisibles, The Resistant, Re-Unification.

Looking for THE PARANORMALS, with a side of apocalypse? Go to her sister blog