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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Army of Tomorrow Blog News with Walter Rhein

Welcome to the Army of Tomorrow Blog News!

Today we are welcoming our spotlight guest: WALTER RHEIN, author of THE LITERATE THIEF.  

But before we introduce our spotlight guest for this week, we have the winner of the 4-book Robot Paperback Giveaway! Congrats SUZ READS!  The books EXOTIQA, THIRTY (novella), SPHERE, QUANTUM STATE, and ELECTRIC GARDENS will be sent to her next week! Don't be jealous, we have another contest the month too! 

Win a paperback copy of ELECTRIC GARDENS or QUANTUM STATE!  2 winners will be picked, one for each book! LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG and WIN! Leave eMail!


FAN TIME: I just want to say thank you for all the amazing emails I've received about Electric Gardens and I'm so glad so many of you love the story so much! Some of my favorite Fan eMails are below:

"Omigod!! I am LOVING this series!"

"Another great read!"

I loved this book.

 "It's crazy how real your stories feel!"

"This one put a movie in my head!" 


When ignorance means slavery, knowledge must be stolen . . . 

The Reader of Acheron bid them travel: Quillion the scholar, Cole the swordsman, and Kikkan the once-enslaved. In Edentown, he promised, they would find a keeper of the sacred knowledge . . .

Though Kikkan remained resolute in the guidance of his mentor, Quillion could not escape the grip of encroaching doubt. Was it a fool's errand? Would their quest bring them to a champion? Or could they expect nothing more than a living husk, crushed by the burdens of unjust expectation, scurrying in the alleys, having risen to no higher station than that of a Literate Thief?

Who is Walter Rhein?

When did you start writing stories?

I remember going into a Waldenbooks or a B. Dalton when I was little and purchasing a Moleskin notebook when I was around ten. A spiral ring notebook was out of the question because I needed something that looked like a book. Telling stories is something I've enjoyed doing for as long as I can remember.

What was your favorite book growing up? Now?

I've always been a big fan of Roald Dahl. I recently read 'Danny the Champion of the World' to my daughters, and I was again impressed with how well written it is. These days I'm most inclined to pick up Charles Bukowski because I've always been impressed with the readability of Bukowski's work. It's a rare thing to write a book that appeals to people who aren't necessarily inclined to read. You have to fight for a reader's attention with so many different distractions these days that readability is vital.

If you could live anywhere in the world where money was not a factor, where would it be?

I've been fortunate in that I've been able to do a lot of traveling. Peru's Sacred Valley is a wonderful place to live, and the food is fantastic. I've also spent a fair amount of time in Germany which is also wonderful (although I'd like to spend more time in Europe). These days I'm living in Northern Wisconsin because I enjoy cross-country skiing and access to beautiful wilderness. I think I'd pick Italy or France, somewhere I could pick up another foreign langauge over a year or so, but I'm quite happy where I am right now as well.

How did you come up with the story?

I'd met Janet Morris on Facebook of all places, and after having some interesting discussions on my Heroic Fantasy group, I thought I'd come up with an idea for a book series. Morris is the type of publisher that doesn't shy away from intense, philosophical ideas, in fact, she embraces them. I've worked with other publishers who say things like, "Vampires are big right now, write something with vampires." Morris is the opposite. She is not interested in chasing after trends like a man chasing his hat, she wants something good and is content to wait for the general public to discover it. It's a good place for me.

What are your current writing plans?

I have outlined the third book in the series that began with 'The Reader of Acheron' and continued with 'The Literate Thief.' I hope to finish that in the next four to six months. I also have some pretty extensive notes for a project on education. That will be kind of a memoir style book with some anecdotes from growing up in Wisconsin that most people aren't going to believe.

One word answers:

Horses, sharks, or eagle?


Robots, animals, or people?


Simon and Garfunkel, Metallica, or Queen?


Novels, novellas, or short stories?


Morning, afternoon, or night?


Thank you and good night! 

Thanks for having me!

I love to review books! I read a book a week, usually on Kindle unlimited. This week, my review pick is WITHER! 


I read this as a paperback actually, instead of my usual KU reads. 
I got a Barnes N Noble gift card. Peppy!

So, the basic premise is that people are dying young and women are valuable because of this. Some are forced to marry and we follow the main character who is forced into her marriage. I really enjoyed this story and liked the world it was in. A bit dark, but very interesting too! If you enjoy apocalyptic types of scenarios, this one is good since it is not the usual world blowing up, rather it is our genes have gone bad. 

I liked most things about this first story and for those that want a good read to take them into another world, I would give this one a go!

I give it five stars out of five!

EXCERPT for the Week!

from new release: Electric Gardens

   My mind is too foggy to know if I’m hearing anything for sure, too foggy with images of Lucy717, of Mom and Dad, or Delsin, or my life before, but I think I heard the Class Tin say, that Grids are be- ing erected all over the country, to protect us, to keep the Compound and the Electric Gardens secure. I think it said that the Electric Grids will become our new maps and lines—that our old maps are gone, de- stroyed forever, and will now be called the Nets.

   In Electric Strings, I walk in like I’m a ghost of a girl, on autopilot—my mind reeling over everything I heard in Coms and Nets. It can’t be true. Can’t be true. Tins are, have, taken over everything. Even if we get out, where the hell are we going to go, run to? Where can we even hide? 

If you enjoyed this blog news or want to enter to win the paperbacks, please post a comment! Leave your Email!

Until next time!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

ELECTRIC GARDENS on book tour!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Army of Tomorrow Blog News with special guest Patrick Tomlinson and THE ARK

Welcome to this addition of Army of Tomorrow Blog News. We are a few days late this week do to some personal matters, but enjoy the read!

WINNER OF ELECTRIC GARDENS paperback giveaway from March-April is LAURA STOCKMAN

The contest for this April-May is a Robot 4-book paperback giveaway!Win all four of these books below simply by commenting on this blog! It is a post-apocalyptic-dystopian-survivalist-AI-robot-enthusiasts dream!

Feel free to check them out by clicking the image to the left on this blog. 

Special Guest Today is Patrick Tomlinson, author of THE ARK

Welcome, Patrick Tomlinson author of The Ark from Angry Robot Books. 

“There is so much good stuff wrapped inside The Ark: a locked-room murder mystery, bare-knuckle action, and the kind of hard-boiled science fiction that will make your brain pop. Climb aboard.”
– Adam Rakunas, author of Windswept

A murder mystery set on a generation ship months from reaching Humanity's new home.


When did you start writing stories?

PST: On a whim in 2009, I started writing a Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy fanfic novel. After a long and circuitous route, it became the bones of my first original novel, GATE CRASHERS, which is coming out in June from Tor Books.

What was your favorite book growing up? Now?

PST: As a kid, my favorite book was probably SPHERE by Michael Crichton. Then I saw the movie and it managed to wreck both of them for me forever. Now? SPEAKER FOR THE DEAD still stands out, but my tastes are constantly growing in new and unexpected directions. THE FIFTH SEASON and THE THREE BODY PROBLEM are both up there as well. Next month? Who knows.

If you could live anywhere in the world where money was not a factor, where would it be?

PST: New York City after they put it under a climate-controlled dome.

How did you come up with the story?

PST: The story of THE ARK literally came to me in the shower. I’d just finished watching a Discovery Channel show on the physical requirements and technological hurdles of building a generation ship and started thinking about what sort of people would be selected to live on one, how society, cultural practices, and laws would have to adapt to the limitations placed on the residents. Then I started thinking about what sort of people would step off the ship after a couple centuries. I had the book outlined within a few hours and got to work. Six months later, I had a rough draft.

What are your current writing plans?

PST: Currently, I’m smack in the middle of a three book contract with Tor Books writing sci-fi comedies set in a universe we’re calling The Breach. The first book, the aforementioned GATE CRASHERS, is a first-contact story with humans basically running around waving their dicks at the rest of the galaxy and daring them to do something about it. The next book, STARSHIP REPO, is exactly what it sounds like. I just finished writing it and it’s spectacularly ridiculous.

One word answers:

Horses, sharks, or eagle?

PST: Giraffe.

Robots, animals, or people?

PST: Animal/human hybrid cyborgs.

Simon and Garfunkel, Metallica, or Queen?

PST: Foo Fighters.

Novels, novellas, or short stories?

PST: I’m not much of a reader…

Morning, afternoon, or night?

PST: The equatorial region of a tidally-locked planet.

Thank you and good night!

PST: Thanks for having me on.

Thank you so much for joining us Patrick Tomlinson! We will have special guest WALTER RHEIN in May! 

  REVIEW for this Blog New is FOOL's GOLD

I don't normally go for a book like this, but I was very bored one day and saw it being advertised. My job has time between work where I can usually write or take notes and read books. So, I chose this for my week. It was definitely fun and put me in another space I don't usually go into. I had to  look around at times while blushing. LOL.

I wouldn't say it is the best slight erotic book out there, but if you were a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, which actually I was not, you would probably like this read. 

Warning: It is not a post-apocalyptic or dystopia and there are no robots;)
But it will make you wish you were alone reading it. LOL

EXCERPT from Electric Gardens:

     “You are to report to the Confinement Center, for a meeting.”  
     Words like Confinement Center and meeting are never good. The Tins want to know something, something they think they will get from Kyle53.
     I stand too, beside my best friend. I see the sweat dripping from his neck; his breaths get faster, and his hands shake. 
     “What is this about?” I say loudly, to deaf ears.
     The Tin turns, with its grip still on Kyle53, and he has to comply, has to follow, or his arm will be ripped off from the socket. 
     “I’ll talk to you later, Lex!”
     “Later, it will all be fine. Just tell them what they want to know.”
     I say that for a good show. Kyle53 knows me well. I don’t want the Tins to know anything we know. Our secrets, are our secrets. The one thing we have that the Tins can’t take from us. The one thing that belongs to us solely. 
     My hands clasp the table beneath me, and I feel my chest huff a few times, shocked. I can think of a few things they might want to know. Why we were talking about our classes in my room; if he’s ever seen me go into the vents; if he knows where his sister is. 
     That’s got to be it. The Tins figure he is her brother. He’d be the one she’d reach out to if she returned to the Compound. Then again, maybe she’s lost somewhere on the outside, as far as the Tins know.
     I can’t finish my breakfast, and return my tray with the single thought, don’t let them break you. Don’t let them break you. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks Blog News and I'll see you again, twice as a matter of fact, next month! 

Any questions or comments can be sent to the author M.Black: 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Army of Tomorrow news welcomes Brett Savory and a New Release from M.Black

Welcome my Army of Tomorrow readers We have a lot of fun today! First up is the winner to the paperback giveaway for last month and then we have the new release ELECTRIC GARDENS from M.BLACK, followed by a spotlight and interview with BRETT SAVORY, and lastly a review of what M.Black is reading now. Enjoy the blog news for the week! 

The Winer of the ELECTRIC GARDENS paperback from last month is: LAURA STOCKMAN! Congrats girl! 

The New Release of the month is ELECTRIC GARDENS! 

After several world catastrophes, robots called 'Tins' have come to power.

Lexi019 knows them well. She's lived inside of a Compound ruled by Tins for the past twelve years, and maintains a strict schedule. After attending Electric Gardens classes, she learns that she will be transferred, as all eighteen-year-olds are, to serve the gardens for the rest of her life.

Instead, Lexi defies the Tins and looks for a way out. With her best guy Kyle53 at her side, and a couple of unlikely friends, Lexi eventually finds her way out of the Compound. 

But in the end, can she escape... or like all things in this artificial, post-apocalyptic world, be stuck under the Tins' power forever?


Henry Kyllo is a Runner, a member of a secret society called the Inferne Cutis. Every day he is chased through the city by Hunters whose goal is to fill him with bullets. It is a secret war steeped in history, tradition, and mutual fear.

Rumours abound about what happens when a Runner achieves ascension, but it has supposedly never happened before, so no one knows for sure. Except that it has happened before. And it is happening again.

This time, to Henry Kyllo.

File UnderScience Fiction [ Hunter / Killer | The Man Machine | Over and Over | Run, Rabbit, Run ]

MY 2 CENTS: This is such a cool idea, but of course I love well-written monster-robot stories. I recommend you take a look at his work and let me know what you think! 

Welcome Brett Savory, author of A PERFECT MACHINE from Angry Robot Books Publishing. 

“A destabilizing gutshot of science fiction, crime, and existentialism that will leave your head spinning well beyond the final pages of Henry Kyllo’s apotheosis. Savory truly delivers an inventive, disturbing, and unforgettable thrill ride.”
Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and The Little Sleep


When did you start writing stories?

My earliest memory of writing a story is at age 11 when I wrote a tale called “Fright Night” for my 7th-grade English class. I got the highest mark in the class for it, so I decided I should keep writing that kind of stuff. Ha! It was all about mutants, killer bees, haunted houses, and duplicitous brothers, and tons of machine guns. Very action-horror—kinda like A Perfect Machine, I suppose.

What was your favorite book growing up? Now?

My favourite book growing up was The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. My favourite now (barring any o the books we’ve published at ChiZine Publications) is probably American Psycho.

If you could live anywhere in the world where money was not a factor, where would it be?

St. Martin would be lovely!

How did you come up with A Perfect Machine?

It’s based on a story called “Running Beneath the Skin,” which was published in 2004 in the Penguin/Roc anthology Outsiders. I basically just took the opening, massaged it a bit, then expanded it from there on to novel length. As for the idea itself, I have no idea where that came from. Maybe from watching Tetsuo: The Iron Man.

What are your current writing plans?

I’m half-way through my 4th novel, Lake of Spaces, Wood of Nothing. Once that’s done, I fire it to my agent, and we see if anyone wants a weird Lynchian spy thriller!  :-)

One word answers:

Horses, sharks, or eagle?


Robots, animals, or people?

Robot animals! (Totally cheating.)

Simon and Garfunkel, Metallica, or Queen?

Metallica (but only up to 1988).

Novels, novellas, or short stories?

Novels (though I do love a great short story, of course).

Morning, afternoon, or night?

Afternoon (if the sun’s out; if not, night).

Thank you and good night! 

Thanks for having me!

Review of what M.Black is reading now:

I have been reading THE CULLING, THE AUTHORITY and have just finished THE FERRYMEN.

I have to say I really liked this series. I got way into book one and had to see what happens. I think book two is my favorite, just because I really liked how Dahn was fleshed out with his tortured love issues. 

I would give book one four stars, books two five stars and book three four stars. 

Essentially, there is a culling that happens to keep the solar system in check and our main lead is one of those who culls. She eventually finds the corruptness behind it all and 'bad guy' and this leads her to joining the rebels who are called the Ferrymen. But now she has to pretend to be a culler and pretend she still works for the Authority. 

There is a love triangle with our main girl, a guy from the Authority and a guy from the Ferrymen, but this is a backdrop not the main story. It is not a romance, but you do get a sense of feelings from the three characters. I really liked Dahn the best personally, but you will see who she ends up with at the end of book three which concludes the series.

Recommend you to check it out!
Solid four star series!

Well, that concludes this blog new! Hope you enjoyed it and I'll talk to you two weeks from now. I hope you keep reading!