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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Army of Tomorrow Blog News

Welcome to the Army of Tomorrow Blog News. 

Win the paperback set of EXOTIQA WORLD, books 1-3 by commenting on here: WIN Exotiqa!

If you want to check out the book to buy, please click EXOTIQA


Exciting stuff is happening. The ten minute Animal Graph script for the pilot show on Amazon Prime is done, now Amazon just has to accept it! The writers and I are planning a twelve part season one broken up into ten minute episodes. The short is the new hot thing.

What do you think? Feel free to comment. Would you watch a ten minute episode of Animal Graph?

Animal Graph and the 6 part series is also going to be on tour with RockStar Book Tours from Feb 12th-16th and 19th-23rd. Please stop by and post comments on the stops. I will post the link for you to see all stops in February.

In the meantime feel free to check out the series that readers are calling a "Concept never read before" and a "Hunger Games meets Dr. Moreau" here:


In other news, Quantum State, an A.I. Dystopia where the powerful A.I. controls all decisions inside the small town of Cherni, will be on tour with RockStar Book Tours Feb 19th-23rd and Feb 16th-March 2nd. I will post the link to stop by in February. 

Quantum State went free last week and hit the top of the charts #2 Hard Science Fiction, #4 in YA Dystopia and #2 in YA Survival Stories. Read a sample here: Quantum State 


New Years Recipe for the cold:
I am a fan of veggies and chili! So, I came up with a recipe I love and have been using for years. I wanted to share with you all because I'm that generous!

 As many of you know I am mostly vegetarian, except for occassional fish, so here is an easy peasy veggie four bean chili that you are sure to love!
You can buy beans fresh or canned (I prefer canned because it is faster). 
1 can black beans
1 can of white beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can chickpeas
1 can of roasted corn
1 cut large onion, sauteed
1 large can of roasted tomatoes
2 cut fresh medium tomatoes
1 jar of pasta sauce (I prefer Publix Vodka or herbs)
1 can of coconut milk (add the secret ingredient last)
Optionals: 1 can mushrooms, 1/2 bag of cooked and cut carrots
Put them all into a big pot. Warm and stir.
Add pepper, salt, tumeric, paprika, mexican pepper or hot pepper, chili powder or cayenne, all to taste.
Optional: Tarragon for a more exotic flavor. 
When all cooked for about ten minutes, serve. 
Optional: Add parmesan cheese on top.

This month I will be releasing the 6 book Box Set GRAPH WORLD on the 15th of January, along with ELECTRIC GARDENS on Kindle Scout. I will give you links to both when the time comes, so you can check out Graph World and vote for Electric Gardens. All reads and votes help! 


                       NEW RELEASE
Forever Elf is essentially a YA Elf Romance Action-Adventure Fantasy. Here is the link: FOREVER ELF
Forever Elf 2 will be out next month. Join an adventure of a lifetime with Michael meet Evelyn and she draws him into her mystical world in the forest. Twilight meets Lord of the Rings!  



I loved the beginning and it drew me in, but about 1/4 into the story I wasn't sure if this was for me because of the fantastical premise of weaving space and time. I also was not happy with the lack of descriptions on what this actually entitled, but for paranormal and fantasy fans they will likely be more satisfied. By the middle though I was engrossed and wanted to know what would happen next. About 2/3 of the way done, we are told that they are not living on Earth and so this helped me to better justify this fantastical premise. I did enjoy this story, and I thought the world building and characters were suitable, though not fully done.
I am interested enough to read book two and I think that is the goal of all authors. In that extent, she did succeed!



My book picks for this week:

If you are a fan of paranormal you definitely want to check out this box set!
Find it here: SIGILS and SPELLS

This looks yummy. I'm not typically a fan of paranormal romance, but it does look good. Find out more here: Dracones

For those of you looking for something more on the SFF side, try this top seller: Hell Holes


That is it for now gang, and I hope you enjoy something and learned something!
Till next time!