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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Blog News for Mid March

Thank you to all my readers! I love communicating and connecting with all of you.

First round of business is the winner of the paperback QUANTUM STATE is:Ashleigh Hack

She has been contacted. If I don't hear from her, I will pick another winner.

Second round of business, be sure to comment to win the ebooks ELECTRIC GARDEN in the thread below:

Third round of business...I am finished writing books one and two in the ELECTRIC WORLD series and am working on book 3 now. I will keep you all posted for when the series will be releasing. Currently, it is set for book one to be released in Mid-March, but I will let you know if things change.

It is a very interesting premise, with Tins ruling our world. Teenagers are sequestered in a Compound which is watched by the Tins (robots) and Lexi019 just wants to break out.

Fourth round of business is that one paperback of ELECTRIC GARDENS is up for grabs and can only be won by commenting on this blog news post. So, post here with your eMAil and win the first paperback released of ELECTRIC GARDENS before it's release date! Winner will be chosen  Mid-March.

Fifth round of business:
BOOK REVIEW of MATCHED by Ally Condie.

I had the pleasure of reading this last week and I didn't think I would be impressed. Like many dystopian and romance stories, I thought it would an overdone plot with cheesy characters and an even more cheesy romance, but I absolutely loved it. In fact it has become one of my favorite dystopian romance stories!

The author has a way of not only making you care about the characters, but to care about material things such as a compass or compact! That's good writing. Ally draws you into the story and the characters and lets you in on who they are, developing them all well.

I was not sure which way the romance would go, and am still pleased with how everything played out. I am sad they did not all get to have a happy ending, and I have to say my only disappointment is that the book ended and I'll have to pick up the next one to finish this story. 

Highly recommended dystopian romance reading!
Ami Blackwelder 

Sixth Round of business is an EXCERPT from the upcoming release ELECTRIC GARDENS:

   “Wait,” his voice sounds crunchy like the red apple. His hand barely grazes the top of the gravely cell wall. I just see his worn finger tips and a folded, flat rice-milk carton. Another note. He lets the note drop from the top of the cell wall and I catch it on the other side. “I hid it under my shirt.”
     When the thick folded paper touches my palms, I feel a warm fuzz surge through me. I’m always excited to read his notes. Seems he has a new one every month. I try to keep as many as I can, but sometimes I have to bury them in the dirt behind the Compound. Writing on paper is forbidden in here, and he can be glitched if caught. Still, he does it.
     The rustic-horn is going to blow, and it is time to return to the Re-Learning center. We only get twenty minutes to ourselves outside, and I have to use part of that time to get to and leave the cells. I fold the note again and slip it between my shirt and breasts, anxious to read it when I’m finally back in my Compound room.
     At age twelve, the Tins began allowing us more freedom from the usual routine. We could leave for lunch and eat outside on the nearby grounds, or walk the Compound. Felt like a breath of fresh air, even though the air outside the buildings is harder to breathe. Seemed like such a big deal when we were first allowed outside again. Seven years I was stuck inside, with just brief moments outside to walk directly from Building C to the Re-Learning Center. The freedom we were given at lunch was only twenty minutes, always is, but still we—humans—relish it. 
     I head away from the cells, away from Kyle53, and toward the Re-Learning Center. A few Tins scratch across the grounds in my passing. I nod with a short smile. It’s important to acknowledge them. One stops and its red eyes peer over at me, scanning me, “Lexi019, good afternoon.” 
     “Yeah, sure.” 

Seventh Round of business is my book pick for this week. 

Over 500 pages of monsters, myths and murder! Plus, a sneak peek at book three, The Medusa Coin. Follow Detective Greg Loren and Soriya Greystone as they hunt the most dangerous creatures of myth and legend down the shadowy streets of Portents.