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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Blog News: Electric Gardens gets a publisher and new cover!

Electric Gardens is being published by CREATIVITY and has a new awesome cover! I just love it! 
What do you think?


Leave your comment and one lucky winner will receive the PAPERBACK of ELECTRIC GARDENS!  Winners drawn at the end of the month. 

This book series has really been an exciting journey for me. I love robots. As you can tell with every other book I write being about robots and how they could eventually impact our world. They already are and as we become more advanced, they become more is all a bit mind-boggling.

So, tell me what do you think about this robot invasion on our world? Do you think it will be roses and candy or the next apocalypse? 

Leave your comment about robots and win the eBook of ELECTRIC GARDENs. One lucky winner will be chosen at the end the month. 


Inspiration of ANIMAL GRAPH

As many of you know I am a lover of wildlife and nature. I am mostly vegetarian with exception to occasional fish. I am a strong believer in the healing power of natural foods from the Earth, not a factory and also enjoy reading about the latest science technology.

That took me to Animal Graph.

Grafting is something scientists have been doing with plants and animal skin for a while, not long, but a while. Snake grafts are being used on burn victims and certain grafting procedures are used to enhance the growth of plants.

I took this a step further and had a dream. Literally while I was sleeping this came to me.

What if in the future, a dictator name Truss took over North and South America? What if he gifted prisoners to perfect his own Graphed soldiers? What if some of this prisoners escaped? 

In the 6 book series of Animal Graph we explore the Amazon, Savannah, Orinoco River, Highlands, Plateaus. All the beauty of the Amazon forests, as well as some of its splendid flora and wildlife like Toucans, Howler Monkeys and Caiman. We also meet radiated creatures poisoned by the nuclear wars. 

 JIN and ADAN have to run for their lives in the picturesque Amazon, because the are being hunted to train soldiers. But their grafts will aide them and as they learn to use their animal graph, they will turn the tide of this upcoming war.

If you enjoy stories like Dr. Moreau or Hunger Games, or even stories of survival with twists you don't see coming...this is for you! 



I have read The girl Who Dared to Think and really liked that book. I'm on book four of that series now. 

I however can not say the same for this book. I really tried to like it. The beginning started off strong and I thought, wow, this will be good. And then most of the book happened.

Not only was there very little exploration of genders and inequality, the main characters felt more caricature than anything else the more I read. 

The entire plot was mostly about the main character and her motorcycle, wrestling dude. We flip back and forth from riding motorcycles with them, to the fight scenes in the rink and while that is good sometimes, it just took up so much of the story that it felt like a bunch of filler. I for one was very bored and needed more development of story, plot twists.

The ending had a slight plot twist which made it more plausible to pick up the second book to see what happens, but after reading half of book two I just could not do it anymore. I'm not sure why this story does not appeal to me.

I guess in the end it felt juvenile, like a of filler instead of story, and uninteresting characters that I really never got to know well enough or care enough about. Overall, the idea could have gone in many interesting direction of gender, but none of those issues are really explored well.

I normally would rank this a 3 star for effort and the writing is fine, there are not many mistakes and there is a story there, I just did not like it much. But because there are so many five stars on this book, ridiculous amounts, I have to give it a 2 star to balance the unfairness. 

So 2 1/2 stars is my final decision. I don't think fans of Divergent or Hunger Games will be satisfied with this read. It falls drastically short.  The comparison is insulting frankly. 

But you might want to try her other book The Girl Who Dared To Think.