M. Black weaves stories that focus on robots, simulations, consciousness, nature, wildlife, grafting, cloning, time travel, illusions, and other future technology.
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

13 Top #100 YA Dystopian Authors Giveaway!

Win a dystopian starter library of paperback books from top #100 dystopian authors!
.99ebook extravaganza today only! Every book only .99c!

Authors Included:

Christina L Rozelle - The Treemakers
Logan Keys - The Last City
JN Chaney - The Amber Project
David Estes - Slip
Julian North - Age of Order
M. Black - Exotiqa
Sarah Noffke- Defects
Melanie Karsak - The Harvesting
Angel Lawson - The Girl Who Shot First
David Bernstein - Influence
Sophie Davis - Talented
Jenetta Penner - Configured
Ramona Finn -The Glitch

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