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Saturday, April 8, 2017

ELON MUSK and NUERAL LACE are eerily similar to EXOTIQA

The full article is above, but I will be commenting on parts of it below.

Combining humans and machines often sounds like a SyFy idea, or at least has been until modern times. Elon Musk is serious about combining humans and machines. TESLA and SPACEX are banding together for this venture.

Perhaps this is inevitable if humans are going to keep up with machines. This theme is explored in SPHERE, the sequel to EXOTIQA. How are humans to keep up with machines and an ever growing harsher environment?

Musk wants to build a device to be implanted into the human brain called a NUERAL LACE. This would give the brain the ability to interface with gadgets and other devices. Holy crap that sounds like my book EXOITQA.

The NUERAL LACE could improve memory, neurological disorders, and more.

Questions of SOCIAL INEQUALITY pop up, another issue delved into in my sequel SPHERE. After all, if some humans are advanced through machine/computer/AI parts, doesn't that give them an unfair advantage? Are they still human? At what point do we stop being human and become machine? Can anyone be giving these advancements? What about criminals? Children? Are our pets next?

These are all important questions I go further into with my EXOTIQA WORLD SERIEs that you can find here on this blog.

As one writer put it: “In other words, not only do the rich seem to get richer—they may get the benefit of having a computer-enhanced brain.”

Now that would be one hell of a story to write about. Anyone heard of talk of my next AI story ELECTRIC GARDENS? ;)