Monday, April 10, 2017

When machines take over

So why did I write EXOTIQA?

Looking around me one day at the local Walmart, I began wondering how long it would be before most of our manual labor would be done by machines. Where would that leave us? Would we still have jobs? What would that mean for the machines? How would they develop?

I've read a lot on such subjects.

As I thought about these questions, I wondered what life would be like for the A.I. robot. What life would really be like inside his or her mind. How their thoughts would be different from ours, humans.  Would they have feelings? Are these all programmed or could they become something more?

EXOTIQA was born.

I didn't want to write just another 'robots take over humans' story, but a story from a robot's perspective. So, MACI is told from the machine's POV and FIONE is from the human's POV. I think this also helps there to be a balance, and allows the reader to experience what each might feel or think.

I also wanted my main characters to be human. I know, some readers said they wanted THIRTY to be the main guy, but hey you all have enough male leads in robot flicks and books alike.

In EXOTIQA, the world is very different from our own, because FLEXs do many human jobs. There are people who like this and people who don't. But then a new interface design is introduced called the SLAB, which is a lot like ELON MUSK's NUERAL LACE, though I wrote EXOTIQA back in late 2015, and released it in early 2017.

This SLAB allows for the download of a program called EXOTIQA which essentially starts allowing the owner to control his subjects.

The story gets intense half way through and we are left wondering how this program can be stopped if at all. I wanted to write a story about these issues in a way that would appeal to the younger audience, because it is they who will be living in such worlds. So, the book is YA, but I think will appeal to a vast age range.

Sound like Science fiction? Check again.

This book explores issues such as the Singularity, robotic consciousness, human V.S. machine rights, what is life, what is consciousness, how far can a human become machine before being a machine himself.

And then the book explores deeper issues in the sequel such as social inequality and prejudice between those who have and those who have not--machine parts.

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