Sunday, April 16, 2017

Quantum State, a story about a computer in control of our lives

QUANTUM STATE is my third release and while the PRINT is out now, the ebook won't be out until MAY 15th.

QUANTUM STATE asks the question, what if we designed such a sophisticated quantum computer to take care of us that one davit took over? What would life be like then? Would we enjoy life or what change? Would we be able to overcome this quantum computer intelligence since it could predict so much of our behavior? Would life be better with it or without it?

The idea came to me when I started thinking about those above questions. We already have a computer predicting crimes in certain areas. Crime rates have gone down! It is only a matter of time until more computers are used to predict human behavior and keep track of all those going in and out or prison.

Quantum computers are good for: Predicting accurate weather patterns, drug discoveries, solving traffic nightmares, military and defense, encrypted communication, space exploration, machine earning and automation,

In my story,

Masha Mikhailov is out main character and is friends with Esfir. They don't like the system they are under, and how the quantum computer dubbed MAQS directs their lives and makes all important decisions for them. They want their freedom, a basic human right, right?

So, the two begin their investigations which start with the Cylindrical in the park which is suppose to be for their own good, to help the air become cleaner to breathe. This leads them down a spiral of more questions and mysteries and suspicions until we are brought to the truth at the culminating end.

Do they get out of Cherni?
Do they find happiness?
Do they ever get away from MAQS?

All questions answered in the latest release. If you'd like a FREE copy for review purposes only, please eMail me.

If you'd like to learn more about quantum computers, read HERE

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